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Dear friend, 

As young children growing up in South Korea, Dr. Eun Seo Park and Professor Dominic Na would have no idea that their musical journey would lead them to the Ozark mountains of Northwest Arkansas. But adventure was in their families’ souls.

From South Korea to St. Petersburg, Russia, a very young Dominic Na would begin studies at the Central Music School for Talented and Gifted Children under the supervision of the St. Petersburg State Conservatory with E.Dernova. His mother, an accomplished violinist and his father, an aspiring violin maker, would make the 4,000+ mile trek to Russia to embark on a time of intensive learning and growth as a young artist and as a family. At age 16, Dominic alone would leave for Europe to continue studying under such greats as Lynn Harrell and Ulf Tischbirek.

Almost simultaneously, a young Eun Seo Park, a prodigy in her own right, was quietly finding her musical identity during the long days of practicing. While a chore for many music students, Eun Seo found solace in her practice time. Playing 6-8 hours most days, it was her proclivity towards pedagogy that would send her soaring to unbelievable heights at such a young age. At ten, Eun Seo would debut as a soloist with the Incheon Civic Orchestra, performing Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 3. By age 14, she was on her path to become a teacher; obtaining her first teaching certification in violin. Dr. Park would go on to study with Sandy Yamamoto, Felix Olshofka and Jeff Thayer as well as studying chamber music with the Miro Quartet, Shanghai Quartet and the Juilliard Quartet and many other greats.

Fast forward to 2020, now husband and wife, this dynamic duo have made NWA their home and have realized their dream by opening ​The Park Na Conservatory of Violin & Cello ​for gifted young artists​. In spite of the challenges that Covid-19 has presented, our nonprofit, a registered 501(c)(3), opened this summer, and has welcomed several students from NWA into our ranks. In addition, we were able to execute a successful summer virtual camp, and ​have awarded more than $24,000 in scholarships to area youth. ​ Our most advanced students, studying in our elite conservatory program receive instruction that is provided by an automatic ​full​ scholarship award upon admittance. Our preparatory students receive partial scholarships to study under our esteemed faculty while at the same time, providing private instruction to future preparatory and conservatory students and area string players of all ages.

Our dream is to create a true, world-class classical music conservatory, right here in NWA.

Please help The Park Na Conservatory of Violin & Cello with a donation today, so that we may inspire the next generation of celebrated classical artists as they begin their journey.​ Merit based entry, and our remarkable full-tuition and partial scholarship policy means placements are based on artistic promise alone. Without tuition revenue, we look to our generous and arts-minded donors to share this dream within the community of Northwest Arkansas as we bring forth the highest level instruction and pour ALL that we create back into our community! First-class performances, dynamic visiting guest artists and classical entertainment for our community are but a few of the ways our conservatory benefits our community. A donation in any amount will help provide world-class training to area youth, right here in NWA. Thank you for your support.

Sonja A. Kinzer,
Executive Director

For your convenience, you may donate to The ParkNa Conservatory by using the Paypal button below.  If you would like more information, please contact us!  Thank you!


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